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IUI treatment

What are the steps of IUI treatment?

IUI treatment requires basic investigations of couple. Steps of IUI treatment are –

1) Ovulation induction to grow follicles - Follicular growth is monitored by ultrasound and hormone tests. Follicles are tracked until they grow more than 18 mm.

2) Ovulation - Release of egg is done by administering HCG injection.

3) IUI procedure - IUI preparation and insemination to the uterus.

4) Medications after IUI- Luteal support and guide for pregnancy check.

Before starting IUI procedure your fertility specialist will explain about success rate and limitations. IUI is a simple procedure with low success. Hence your doctor prepares for 3- 4 cycles of IUI to increase chances of pregnancy. With each cycle of ovulation induction you will loose few good eggs.

Women have limited eggs in their ovary and it is not advisable to waste by repeated ovulation induction. After 3 to 4 failed IUI cycles you can take a break or opt for IVF treatment. After few cycles IUI treatment cost amounts to IVF treatment. At times infertility in couples are unexplained and IUI treatment fails for them.

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