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Tests for Ovarian reserve

How important is testing for Eggs?

Women undergoing IVF are routinely subjected to one or more tests of ovarian reserve. The results of these tests are also being extrapolated to women attending infertility clinics.

What is ovarian reserve testing?

Ovarian reserve is a term used to describe the functional potential of the ovary and reflects the number and quality of oocytes within it. In future, such a test helps women concerned about the loss of reproductive potential due to other conditions such as treatment for cancer and those planning to delay childbearing.

Why ovarian reserve testing done?

In women attending for fertility treatment, a test of ovarian reserve guides in outcome of fertility treatment. It can predict the chances of pregnancy with or without treatment. Also helps selecting an optimal dose of ovarian stimulation where treatment using ovarian stimulation is planned.

What are the tests for ovarian reserve?

Various hormones like FSH, Follicle stimulating hormone, AMH, anti-Mullerian hormone, inhibin-B, oestradiol are used as markers of ovarian reserve. AFC, antral follicle count, ovarian volume, CCCT, clomiphene citrate challenge test, GAST, GnRH agonist stimulation test, EFORT, exogenous FSH ovarian reserve test and ovarian biopsy are also some of the complimentary test for quality and quantity of eggs.

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