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When to consult a doctor or Infertility specialist?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Woman is under 35 and has not conceived after 12 months of contraceptive-free intercourse.

Woman is under 35 and has not conceived after 12 months of contraceptive-free intercourse.

Woman is over 35 and has not conceived after 6 months of contraceptive-free sexual intercourse.

The reason for the need for early treatment for women over 35, is that fertility decreases fast after this age and we have less available time with us for getting pregnant. Every month counts and it is not wise wait another 6 months to prove the necessity of medical intervention.

Fertility Treatment In Chennai

IVF treatment is an option for couples struggling with infertility. ICSI is an advanced fertility treatment for male infertility. This gives best success in the hands of expert IVF doctors and embryologists. Femelife is equipped with Best Fertility Treatment Infrastructure. Hence Femelife is the best IVF Centre in India. Services provided at Femelife Fertility are IUI, IVF, ICSI, PGD, Surrogacy and Donor egg programme. Pregnancy care, and laparoscopic surgeries are also done here by best fertility specialists. We are rated as the Best IVF clinics having Fertility specialists with world class experience among all IVF hospitals in Tamil Nadu, India.

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IUI cost in chennai

IVF treatment in Chennai

IVF Cost in Chennai

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